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Rachel Lander Covers Daft Punk’s Get Lucky

22 Apr

I really like her take. The reverb is a nice touch.

Summer Camps for Strings!

14 Apr
I’m excited to announce that I’m doing my Songwriting Camp for the third year at the Chicago Waldorf School, the week of June 16- 20.  The format will be similar to previous years: campers will have fun exploring basic songwriting techniques on their in’struments in a variety of styles, including folk, blues and classical.  This year we will learn a pop song together and write our own new pop song too! The camp will culminate with an afternoon of campers performing & recording their songs at Soapbox Music Studio. (For rising 5th graders and up / 11 years + up)
I also encourage you to consider other summer camp opportunities for your young musicians.  Summer music camps are a great social experience, and expose young people to the wide world of music!

New EP Dead Reckoning released!

19 Nov

from Black Tie Elephant

Black Tie Elephant EP release

13 Nov

Dead Reckoning, an EP from BTE, is scheduled to  be released Tuesday November 21!

joke courtesy of @hemlockrecords

20 Oct

I’m gonna be telling this all week.  My poor students.  🙂 


An Eb note, a C note, and a G note walk into a bar. The barman says, “Sorry, we don’t serve minors here.” 
C sends Eb a dirty look. “I told you to act natural!”

The Paver interview

4 Oct

Thanks to Jamie Ludwig!


15 Sep

Pulled out this Whitney Houston cello arrangement I started last year, to try to finish it up.  Her vocal line is ToUgH.  Syncopation within melisma? Check.  Double dotted rhythms?  Check.  Super-wide vibrato that morphs into metrical ornamentation? Check.  Good thing I’ve listened to The Bodyguard soundtrack so many times it’s second nature. 



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