Helen Money at PRF Borelli’s

15 Sep

Here’s a short clip of Alison Chesley’s intro to her Helen Money set at Borelli’s, PRF BBQ 2013. It was awesome

Orchestra Rehearsal Warmups

15 Jun

Been thinking about how to do better orchestra warm-ups, more consistently.  When a warm-up is good, it’s real good.  It establishes a good mental state: focus and engagement for rehearsal.  But when it’s bad, it’s real bad.  Boring.  Repetitive.  Reinforcing of bad habits.   Actually, when I think about my own practicing, often it’s the technical challenge of a warm-up that draws me in.   Although, possible post hoc ergo propter hoc, the warm-up is always first.  Either way, it’s gotta be interesting and worth doing! 

Orchestra Director and clinician Michael Alexander has some ideas here.

The Paver – Trust – On Vinyl!

4 Jun

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Thoughts from Yo-Yo Ma

1 Apr
I should share something that Yo-Yo talked about at the open Civic Orch. rehearsal I went to last month. 
He addressed a concern among young musicians preparing auditions: along a continuum with traditional or ‘metrical’ performance at one end and total interpretive freedom / individualistic style on the other, on which side would it be best to land?
Yo-Yo’s response was that this dichotomy obscures the idea behind good practice.  Musicians should practice every passage traditionally and also with a *variety* of different stylistic approaches.  Freedom isn’t playing a piece differently than everyone else, but rather is the ability (gained through practice) to choose *in the moment* the best way to play a passage.  This is the root of expressive playing and musical freedom. 

the target: vibrato on demand.

22 Mar



Tchaik for Cello — Awesome!

21 Mar

‘Jennifer’ has an amazing vibrato!

Spring Studio Recital

13 Mar

Spring forward!  The Spring Studio Recital is tentatively scheduled for May 5th at 2:00 PM in the auditorium at the Chicago Waldorf School.  This will be confirmed soon! 



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